Our history

1964, Pamplona
1964, Lima

Progressive return to presence

For the first time in its history, in the context of the crisis generated by COVID-19, the University of Piura teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in the non-face-to-face modality in the 2020-I and 2020-II periods.

The university celebrates 50 years of academic life.

The Faculty of Medicine begins academic activities in Lima.

The Architecture (Piura) and Psychology (Lima) programs of the Faculty of Engineering and Humanities, respectively, begin academic activities.

He began his doctorate in Engineering, with a mention in Control, Automation and Process Optimization. Then, Law, Humanities and Education have followed.

June. From the PAD, begins the first doctorate from the University of Piura: Government of Organizations.

The Faculty of Humanities has a degree in History and Cultural Management. It was the first to dedicate itself to the training of cultural professionals.

Campus Lima is born.

With the program Master in Business Administration and Management postgraduate courses begin, from the faculties.

March. Launch of new careers: Initial Education, Accounting and Economics; In addition, Industrial Engineering is reoriented towards Industrial and Systems Engineering.

April 1st. The first master's degree at the University of Piura began: Master's Program in Business Management, aimed at the training of managers.

March. Launching in Chiclayo of the Educational Sciences application schools: Ceibos and Los Algarrobos.

March. Beginning of the academic law program.

April. The schools implementing the Educational Sciences academic program began activities: Vallesol and Turicará.

Inauguration of the ST radar (Stratosphere Troposphere) at Campus Piura, to investigate the El Niño Phenomenon, in collaboration with the IGP, in a project of the National Science Foundation (NOAA) of the United States.

March. The academic program of Mechanical-Electrical Engineering was born, and its development continued with the support of the Italian Technical Cooperation, through the ICU.

March. The academic program of Educational Sciences is created, with the Primary and Secondary levels.

March. The Civil Engineering academic program is born, with the support of the University of British Columbia in Canada.

It started on Algarrobo Reforestation Project, which gives rise to the lush forest that Campus Piura has today, with the financial support of the European Economic Community (EEC).

It is inaugurated Institute of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Sanitary Engineering, built with the support of German technical cooperation.

June 13th.  The first postgraduate study begins in Piura: Specialization Course in International and Regional Development Organizations. 11 young graduates from Peru, Colombia and Bolivia participated.

The Senior Management Program (PAD) begins its activities in Lima.

The first vice-rector, Luz González, assumed her duties (1974-1977).

April 23rd. Support of the first thesis. Zina Cereghino obtains a Bachelor's Degree in Information Sciences with a newspaper study on the Piuran press.

The academic programs of Liberal Arts, Information Sciences, Business Administration and Engineering affirm its structure.

The arrive top ten italian teachers volunteers from Institute for University Cooperation (ICU).

April 29. Beginning of academic activities at UDEP.

March 17. First Admission Competition. Academic programs in Liberal Arts and Industrial Engineering. Entrants: 85 students from Piura; 9, from Lima and 6 from other areas of the country.

On April 7, the first Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year of the University of Piura takes place; days later, on the 29th, they begin their academic activities.

On June 12, the President of the Republic, Mr. Fernando Belaunde Terry, promulgated Law No. 17040, which authorized the operation of the University of Piura.

The ADEU is officially established. And, from Piura, Mons. Erasmo Hinojosa, bishop of Piura, asks Saint Josemaría Escrivá to organize a university in this city.

In a meeting with professors from the University of Navarra, Saint Josemaría expressed his desire to extend university work to the entire world.

[+] Inaugural Lesson: The greatest act of faith in Peru

Dr. Eugenio Giménez, who participated in the Pamplona meeting, began the steps to establish ADEU (Association for the Development of University Education), which would be the promoter of the university.