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We ensure the rights of members of the university community


About us?

The University Ombudsman's Office is the body in charge of safeguarding the rights of the members of the university community and ensures the maintenance of the principle of responsible authority.

It has autonomy in the exercise of its functions and is independent of the governing bodies of the University.

What is the University Ombudsman's Office competent to do?

The University Ombudsman's Office is competent to receive queries, complaints and/or claims from any member of the university community regarding the alleged violation of individual rights.

Our university defenders

Mg. Claudia María Rivera Távara

Mg. Enrique Li Loo Kung.

Our performance


Respect for the person

The institution's actions will be carried out respecting the integrity of every person who is part of the university community, avoiding all forms of mistreatment, guaranteeing maximum respect for their fundamental rights and freedoms, especially if they are in a vulnerable situation.


The University Ombudsman's Office is an autonomous and independent body. Their actions must be impartial, rejecting any type of interference or influence on their faculties.


The State recognizes university autonomy. The University Ombudsman seeks to ensure that the autonomy inherent to universities is exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, laws and other applicable regulations.

The University Ombudsman's Office ensures respect for the individual rights of all members of the university community. When strict compliance with the legal provisions that govern the University entails a valid restriction of the rights of any of the members of the university community, the University Ombudsman's Office will ensure that this is carried out within a framework of respect for the fundamental rights of the individual. preventing situations of defenselessness or arbitrariness from being generated.


Who can go to the University Ombudsman's Office?

Any member of the university community can attend individually, without any restrictions.

How can you present your query, complaint and/or claim?

You can submit your query, complaint and/or claim:

a) In person: according to the defined and published business hours.

b) Non-face-to-face:

– Through electronic forms:

Make your query File your complaint and/or claim


– Via email

Any query, complaint and/or claim must be presented in writing duly signed by the complainant and/or claimant, addressed to the university ombudsman.

In case the complaint and/or claim is submitted to the email, all appropriate documentation must be sent.

It is essential to provide an email address to send the response.



When is a query made?

When you want to know the scope of the rights and obligations of the members of the university community, as well as the intervention procedure of the university defender and the nature of their functions.

How long will it take to get a response to your query?

You will receive a response to your query within a maximum period of ten (10) business days.

Complaints and/or claims

When is a complaint and/or claim filed?

It occurs when you see your individual rights violated and you find yourself in a situation of discrimination, defenselessness or arbitrariness caused by authorities or university staff or in the case of serious violations of rights and freedoms when they become known by any means.

What are the requirements to file a complaint and/or claim?

Every complaint and/or claim must contain the following requirements:

  1. General identification data of the complainant or his representative such as full names and surnames, national identity document number or university card number in the case of students, procedural address.
  2. Indicate, and if applicable, accredit, the connection with the University.
  3. If there is a prior route, indicate how the previous route or internal procedures for addressing it established by the University have been exhausted.
  4. Clear presentation of the facts that motivate the complaint and/or claim.
  5. Suitable evidence to support the complaint and/or claim.
How long will it take to receive a response to your complaint and/or claim?

Your complaint or claim will be responded to in the shortest possible time, with a maximum period of 30 business days.

When is a complaint and/or claim not appropriate?

The university defender will declare the complaints and/or claims inadmissible, among others, in the following cases:

  1. When they are anonymous.
  2. When with respect to the issue raised, the exhaustion of the prior avenue has not been proven in accordance with the internal procedures for addressing the same established by the University.
  3. When there is no legitimacy and/or interest to act.
  4. When it does not correspond to the powers of the University Ombudsman's Office indicated in the University Law.
  5. When the interested party is not a member of the university community of the University of Piura.
  6. When the request is not submitted individually, in writing and with identification of the applicant.
  7. When you are in the process of being responded to by any instance of the University.
  8. When the responsibility for the possible infraction corresponds to people outside the University.

Information for the community

Flowchart of the University Ombudsman's Office

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Government Building: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm / 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Telephone contact

For Campus Piura and Campus Lima:

(073) 284500 – Annex 7090

If you want an appointment with the university defenders, write to us by email, They are here to assist you from Monday to Friday by appointment.