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  • International internship program for future teachers “AMAUTA UDEP”
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“Educators committed to the comprehensive training of people”


The Faculty of Educational Sciences has 37 years of training educational professionals, capable of contributing to the development and progress of society.

It is a faculty committed to future teachers and practicing teachers, through a curriculum that integrates pedagogical, academic, cultural and didactic knowledge; accompanied by a solid ethical training and values that constitute the ideology of the university.



The Amauta UDEP international program was born as an innovative proposal that offers international pedagogy students a practical experience that strengthens their social commitment and professional training in various contexts. The experience in teaching practice will be according to the standards developed at the national level, having the opportunity to participate in other teaching methodologies and in areas of meeting and dialogue with different educational actors. The program will be aimed at education or pedagogy students in the last two years of their degree, who are interested in living an international experience that includes attending seminars, personalized advice, and participation in school classrooms, where they can share their knowledge and proposals.


  • Understand the organization of the Peruvian educational system and the pedagogical approach.
  • Assess the purposes of education from an anthropological conception of the person.
  • Analyze the scope and limitations of school management in educational centers according to their location (urban, rural), promoting agent (public – private) or organizational criteria (high performance, differentiated education and mixed education).
  • Consolidate professional and evaluative skills to plan and share pedagogical and cultural interventions with local agents.
  • Know in situ the different cultural manifestations around the schools and human development priorities of the context.


  • Be a student in the last two years of study in education or pedagogy at a university
  • Have level intermediate spanish
  • Have interest in teaching practice in initial, primary or secondary education schools.
  • Have availability and social commitment in the development of educational work.
  • Have a proactive and constructive attitude to learn from experience.
  • Show commitment and openness in the development of the proposed activities.


The program will be developed from July 1 to 19, 2024.

Registration is open until April 15.





*The cost includes academic costs and visits to the schools and educational institutions included in the program. The cost of travel and living during the program period are not included.


  • Complete the online form.
  • Attach your curriculum vitae and motivation letter indicating the reasons why you are interested in participating in the program.


Contact email: intlprograms@udep.edu.pe

Upon completion of the program, the student will receive a certificate of participation, with information about the program and the number of academic hours developed.