Get to know the Center

Center Objectives

Be a strategic partner of institutions abroad, create new opportunities for academic and cultural enrichment for the benefit of the entire university community, articulate efforts, and make visible the international actions that are already being carried out; and create opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement, which benefit and redound to the prestige of the University.

  • Achieve a good international reputation consistent with the universal nature of our mission.
  • Increase the international attractiveness of the University to students, professors, researchers and educational institutions from abroad.
  • Position the University in a leadership position alongside other Peruvian universities already recognized in this area.
  • Achieve new collaboration projects with international partners inside and outside Peru, which help the development of the University and its environment.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of having offices in Piura and Lima. These benefits will not only be taken advantage of by students who participate in the programs offered by UDEP, but also by teachers and researchers at each location.
  • Finally, our country will be favored with the result of this process; since it will have citizens better prepared to act in globalized environments. Students, professionals and researchers from around the world will have a better knowledge and appreciation for our homeland, which will lead to developing projects with international institutions that will contribute to the progress of Peru.