Virtual and In-Person Courses

1) InnovaT Erasmus+ Project


The UDEP is part of this important project co-financed by the European Commission, whose objective is to innovate teaching and learning processes in universities. This project involves the development of training activities in educational innovation, led by European experts from the following partner universities:

  • Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands).
  • Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain).
  • Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (Austria).
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  • INNOVAT MOOC - Welcome to week 5

  • INNOVAT MOOC - The Golden Standard PBL model

  • INNOVAT MOOC - Project Based Learning

  • INNOVAT MOOC - PBL Teaching Practices: Plan and Design

  • INNOVAT MOOC - PBL Teaching Practices: Align with Standards

  • INNOVAT MOOC - Project teacher: Sergi Batalla


2)  Mimir Andino


The project “Modernization of Institutional Management of Innovation and Research in the Andean Region and Latin America” aims to modernize the institutional management of innovation and research, promote excellence and propose actions in universities.

Partner universities will receive information about the organization of innovation management and research in European universities, will learn about the current model, principles and standards, and will receive support, guidance and collaboration from European partners.

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