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Internship in Psychology - Sonqo


Psychological Care Center

In June 2017, thanks to the alliance signed by the University of Piura and the Peruvian Children's Relief Committee, SONQO was born as a project of psychological care, social projection and academic training of high clinical and scientific rigor added to the anthropology-centered vision. in the Person.

SONQO, “heart” in Quechua, seeks to serve the Peruvian population with mental and psychiatric health needs; Furthermore, it constitutes a space for high-quality human training for students of the Academic Psychology Program who have an interest in the clinical area.


International internship at the Psychological Care Center – Sonqo

UDEP, through the Academic Program of Psychology and the Directorate of International Relations, opens the international Internship program that aims to strengthen the skills and capabilities of clinical diagnosis and intervention plan based on direct observation of cases, group discussion of cases. and theoretical deepening of psychopathology and clinical conditions.
The program, which will be developed virtually, allows international students to join from anywhere in the world, and thus deepen their knowledge in clinical intervention.

Internships at Sonqo are aimed at students in the final years of their degree or postgraduate studies with interest in the clinical branch. They must have a good level of Spanish.

The sessions will be held in the mornings to be able to give access to students from other latitudes and times.


Period and Cost

The internship can last two or three months. Students may select the period that is most convenient for them, considering their registration at least one month prior to the start of the chosen period:

  • Beginnings: March/April, June/July or September/October

2 month internship

Share USD Investment
Inscription 200.00
Fee 1 100.00
Fee 2 100.00
Total inversion 400.00


3 month internship

Share USD Investment
Inscription 200.00
Fee 1 100.00
Fee 2 100.00
Fee 3 100.00
Total inversion 500.00


Students from partner universities will have a reduced registration fee of 100USD. Payments will be made in a single deposit once your participation is confirmed.

Application and certificate

  1. Register here: Registration form
  2. Go through an interview 
  3. Receive the acceptance letter 

Contact email:

Upon completion of the internship, the student will receive a certificate of participation, with information about the program and the number of academic hours developed.